Cleaning the toilet is a chore most prefer to avoid, yet it’s vital for a hygienic home. We’ve compiled 10 crucial tips to achieve an impeccably clean toilet. Whether you’re new to cleaning or a seasoned pro, these suggestions will elevate your technique and ensure a spotless toilet.

Initiate with Dusting

Before applying cleaner, eliminate dust, hair, and debris to facilitate the cleaning process. Dry dust the toilet using an old Swiffer head or paper towels to streamline the task.

Deep Clean by Removing the Toilet Seat

For thorough cleaning, detach the toilet seat to access hard-to-reach areas. Monthly removal helps combat accumulated grime beneath the seat.

Opt for Appropriate Cleaners

Choose cleaners tailored for effective toilet cleaning. Consider Clorox Clinging Bleach Gel for the bowl, In-Cide Multi Surface Fresh Disinfectant Cleaner for surrounding areas, CLR for tackling mineral buildup, and Bar Keepers Friend Toilet Bowl Cleaner for tough stains.

Address Tough Stains with Care

Utilize a pumice stone for mineral deposits and allow disinfectants sufficient time to act. When using a pumice stone, ensure the surface is lubricated and let it do the work without excessive scrubbing.

Follow Proper Cleaning Technique

Clean from top to bottom to allow drips or debris to fall downwards, minimizing the need for redoing work.

Extend Cleaning to Surrounding Areas

Pay attention to cleaning not just the bowl but also the floor, walls, and nearby fixtures for comprehensive bathroom hygiene.

Maintain Cleanliness of Cleaning Tools

Clean and disinfect your toilet brush after each use to prevent bacterial spread. Consider using In-Cide disinfectant for this purpose.

Ensure Proper Drying of Cleaning Tools

Allow the toilet brush to air dry completely before storage to prevent mold and mildew. Positioning the brush between the seat and bowl facilitates drying and directs drips into the bowl.

Prioritize Regular Maintenance

Regular cleaning prevents stain and bacteria buildup. Incorporate these tips into your routine for consistent cleanliness. Consider weekly cleaning with monthly deep cleaning sessions for optimal results and a fresh-smelling bathroom.

Stay Informed and Equipped

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Cleaning your toilet need not be daunting with these expert tips. A clean home begins with fundamental tasks, and maintaining a clean toilet is indispensable for overall hygiene and comfort.

how to clean a toilet tips
how to clean a toilet tips